“People demand ‘Red Zone’ tag to be removed”

Faizan Peer 

Kupwara :- The restrictions in Durgmula area are still on even though a month  has passed, since the administration declared it as red zone sighting the Covid-19 positive cases as a big reason.

The people in the area now demand that the restrictions be lifted and the people be allowed to move as no new case was traced for more than 21 days now.

The people alleged that the local administration is deliberately trying to put more restrictions for their means.

“We supported govt in every means. Though only a village was affected,but the whole area was declared red zone. We never objected to it and adhered to the government orders”, said a native citizen Ishaq Ahmad. He further added that,”Now the problem is why government is not lifting these curbs when now new case has been detected in past 21 days now. What do they want to achieve more? We doubt the local administration intentions here, even the Tehsildar”. 

Although only a village, Andrahama was affected but the administration as precautionary measures declared whole area of Drugmula as Red Zone to prevent further contacts.
The people alleged that they are being deliberately discriminated with this “Red Zone” tag. A government employee wishing anonymity said that they even are being ill treated by the colleagues in the respective departments.”Though we never show any symptoms and strictly followed the orders of the local administration, still we find it difficult to go to the respective work places. The main problem are our colleagues. They call us “Positive”. This whole area is seen as a suspect”. 

The locals also alleged that it is the local Tehsildar who doesn’t want to lift these curbs.”We came to know that some sort of funds are being to these employees and the administration working in red-zones. Perhaps that is the reason why these people don’t lift restrictions in the area. Despite the fact no new case have been traced for almost a month now”, said a local Hamid Ahmad.

They said that they are law abiding citizens and never played any negative role. They strictly followed government orders.

The locals requested the district administration and Deputy Commissioner Kupwara, Anshul Garg to check the latest status of the covid positive cases and ease the restrictions in the area.

Note: Writer is a student, views expressed were gathered on own capacity, don’t reflect the policy of Kupwara Times and the writer is an occasional writer.

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