“Can be used for LMVs”


Kupwara 6 March 2021:-  In North Kashmir’s Kupwara district an old bridge near Fountain Chowk regipora which was  collapsed due to  heavy rains on 17.03.2018 and since then the bridge is in same position. 

Unfortunately this bridge was ignored by administration which leads to traffic jam in Fountain chowk. 

“The half portion of the damaged bridge lying  under stream which is causing flood threats to adjacent areas like Dudwan and Darzipora, due to blockade of this Hyhama Nallah”.

Interestingly half of this old bridge is occupied by fishermen as Kupwara lacks any separate ” Fishermen” point where they can sell fishes. 

Pertinent to mention here the then Deputy Commissioner Kupwara, Khalid Jahangir said the bridge was declared unsafe for traffic in 2008.

 “The bridge was used only by pedestrians, luckily the bridge collapsed during intervene night  when no one was using it”, he has said. 

This heritage bridge was constructed in 1950’s.

Kupwara residents have appealed administration to reconstruct the said bridge, in order to avoid traffic mess in Kupwara .

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