Srinagar, April 18: Jammu Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM) has condemned the termination of technical employees appointed under SRO 24 of 2019 and demanded the revocation of the order.

In a statement, JKPM Vice President Advocate Syed Iqbal Tahir stated that by virtue of notification dated 10 January 2019, Government of J&K issued J&K Medical & Dental Education (Appointment on Academic Arrangement Basis) Rules 2019.
“As per the said SRO large number of staff nurses, OT Technicians, and other technical employees were appointed in the medical, dental and para-medical colleges across the s state, ” Tahir said and added that such employees provided their services for a period of one year.

He said the SRO provides an extension of the employment up to a period of six years.

“At a time when the state is suffering from the Corona Virus pandemic, it is ironic rather than the government utilizing the services he such employees, various medieval college, unfortunately have decided to terminate their services? ” Tahir anguished.

Questioning the administration, Iqbal Tahir said that-August 2019, the government has been claiming to open new avenues of employment for the youth of J&K and contrary to that, the youth of J&K are being deprived of whatever little jobs that they have.

JKPM leader appealed the government to grant extension in the employment of the affected employees at the earliest.

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