Jammu, July 30: Jammu Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM) Executive Member and Co Coordinator Poonch Er Rydham Singh has expressed his anguish over the constant increase in petrol and diesel prices and have sought a rollback with immediate effect.

In a statement , Singh said the rise in petrol price to ₹83.82a litre and diesel to ₹75.64 a litre is “an attack on the people of the country by the BJP.

“When BJP came to power in 2014, the price of crude was $108 per barrel. On April 2, 2018, it had fallen to $76 per barrel, a fall of 30%, ” Singh said and added.
“On that basis, the price of petrol should now be ₹45 per litre, and diesel ₹40 per litre. But the government has increased the excise duty 12 times so far, BJP Government over the rising fuel prices across the country.”

Rydham Singh lamented that petrol and diesel prices are being increased daily when the entire country is hit by Covid-19 pandemic, and people are in crisis due to the lockdown.

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