Medical assistance along with a lesson on making Home-made Masks was extended to the Villagers of Lolab bringing them alleviation.

HQ CIF (K) Force/HQ 8 Sect RR/28 RR Bn.


  1. On view of the ongoing pandemic of
    COVID-19 and surging number of positive cases in kashmir , an air of panic is circulating among the awam and leaving migrant labourers who are cutoff from their homes in a crisis .
  2. Keeping this in mind : Awwal Atthais “ 28 RR Bn ( Jak Rif ) Under the aegis of Lolab Tigers : “ HQ 8 Sect RR conducted an ASSISTANCE AND AWARENESS DRIVE FOR AWAM to provide medical assistance and screening for COVID -19 for needy civilians and migrant labourers and brief them with pertinent do’s and dont’s to safe themselves from the ongoing pandemic .
  3. During the event local villagers and migrant labourers were screened for COVID -19 and pertinent medical issues which were redressed .
  4. Medicines and Personal Protective Hygeine essentials were distributed to the needy and at risk indls , especially the old aged.
  5. The villagers were also made aware of the universal precautions , Respiratory etiquette’s , hand wash techniques , salient features & warning signs of COVID -19 , when to suspect the disease and where to report in case of any need .
  6. Keeping in view of the acute shortage of masks in the present scenario where in it is practically not feasible to use disposable masks by everyone’s and the health hazards posed by reusing unsterile masks , the awam were also trained to prepare reusable “ Home made masks “ by using a few materials available in every household. Indls were also educated on the proper methods of wearing mask and how to sterilise them and reuse home made masks by simple methods which are easy to follow .
  7. Disinfection and sanitisation was also carried out in the AOR at high risk places which could serve as possible hotspots to culminate the possibility of an out break at these sites .
  8. The Awam sighed an air of relief and thanked the Army for reaching out to their doors and screening them and were grateful for having undertaken this mission to reach out to people of far flung areas .
  9. The pgme proved to bolster bonds between the Army and Awam and provided a fruitful platform to reiterate the interaction between the SF and the locals even during the present time of crisis .
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