Kupwara: Knock ‘ Knock , it’s Adnan on the door ; Ur Friend’ frm Kupwara or ur brother,Put a smile on ur face’ forgive my errors ‘my fuss’ my mistakes of past and glue ur eyes to my post for a min…. I wish U and Ur family frm the crux of my heart’ the apex and all the anastomosis ‘ happy’ lark full ‘ sumptuous ‘ blessed ‘ Janmashtami followed by a successful & excited year …. May ur dopamine levels keep u elated ‘ nephrons filter not just blood but sweep sorrows as well’ liver not just metabolise fat & food but also Unhealthy Fat & cholesterol ‘ facial muscles to remain hyperactive always ‘ any jeopardy to jugular vein be kept silent ‘ may the keratin in ur hair n nails strengthen ur roots ‘ may ur rods & cons keep the good rhythm ‘ may the alveoli of ur lungs expand to absorb all goodness n happiness of the universe, may ur cranium multiply the vivacious thoughts ‘ every morsel u take’ may it reach the stream of life to elevate it’s contents. …. I cede u to God for the day’ & the week & the year to shower onto u celestial blessings & happiness’ May this Janmashtami mitigate ur fluster ‘ & modify ur U-ness to be the best …..to Ur Family ‘ stay Healthy ‘ Happy and Jovial.

To all the Hindu Brothers and sisters

Jamnashtami Mubarak

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