Dr Manzoor

In a presser issued to the media by Media secretary J&K +2 lecturers forum Mir Fayaz said that Chairman SEECC and President J&K Lecturers Forum, Dr.Manzoor has expressed serious and deep displeasure on the dily-delaying tactics adopted by the concerned in the confirmation of the incharge lot.He said one is struck by wonder,that despite the clear nod from the highest decision making body of the Govt.wherein the concerned had been put under directions to expedite the said process as soon as possible,but despite the elapse of 2/3rd of a year, the same is facing an acute paralysis, rather have been deliberately put in artificial coma,just to add to the woes of incharge cadre.Dr.Manzoor said that it is highly disturbing to note that the clear cut instructions from SAC has been thrown to winds, which has send a signal that the writ of the highest tier of the administration does not run through the concerned,which has put the credibility of SAC at stake.Chairman SEECC said that every human with a modicum of rationale and reason is unable to understand that when all the requisite formalities stands completed, and the process of scrutiny of desired documents have gone through many filters, then why the speedbrakers have been put in the confirmation cycle.Dr.Manzoor said in sad tone, that the situation has now taken an ugly turn,as those officers who have played the innings of their service are being mocked, humiliated,on chop logic that at the time of their elevation,the posts were unavailable,so the confirmation can not be accorded from the promotion dates. Dr.Manzoor said, one is dumbfounded, and wordless on this Tamasha going on in the department, which has put every sane mind in shock.He sounded an alarm,are we breathing in an democratic setup or living in Andeer nagri- Chopat raj, where a junior officer is preferred over the senior on the false pretext of non availability of posts.Dr.Manzoor said,if the required posts were not available,who is to be blamed for this drama,which puts a big question mark on the prudence of the men at the helm of affairs.State president lecturers forum said,it is really funny,that when the officers/officials who have got superannuation,or are facing the last over of the game (career),when prepare their cases for retirement benefits, they are accorded one step below the existing position,citing the reason of inchargism,which has send a wave of pain and gloom among the stakeholders.President lecturers forum said that it is demeaning and hurtful,that under the cover of eight letter word “INCHARGISM “, the entire elevation process at different tiers of the departmental structure viz Joint directors, CEOS,Principals, ZEOS,lecturers, Headmasters has come to a grinding halt,which in turn had dampened the spirits of the concerned stakeholders.Dr.Manzoor said that it is a matter of utter shame on part of previous dispensations,who kept this ugly dot and blot on the pretty face of the department and despite countless assurances,never bothered to remove the same by way of departmental surgery.
Dr.Manzoor said that it is horrible that some officials,like, principals, lecturers, headmasters, masters who were figuring in the seniority lists were supposed to get the next step,have been dropped on citing the reason of technical error, whereas their juniors got promoted.He said that the live examples of droppes( masters) from different streams are EVS,Informatiom Technology, English,History, Urdu,Botony, Commerce,wherein those figuring at s.nos much below the line got their due,and those who were on the top were dropped,for no fault of theirs. He said, justice demands that those responsible for this grave error would have been put to task,but unfortunately in this part of ASIA, the strange,and cruel display of mechanism is being put in place in the education sector.He said that irony of ironies is that though this hapless lot of droppes are knocking every door for their redressal,but it seems that the men holding positions of authority have made their comfortable offices no entry zones for them,which speaks volumes about their indifferent attitude.
Dr Manzoor made an humble appeal to the distinguished son of the vale of Rishis,Sufis and Saints,DR.ASGHAR HASSAN SAMOON, to please address this long pending, much awaited, burning issue of INCHARGISM, before Eidul-Fittar, in the shape of Eid-Gift,so that the incharge lot may come out of mental trauma and their deep sighs may turn into special prayers for ur nobleself.

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