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Tablighi Jamaat (Urdu: تبلیغی جماعت‎, literally the Proselytizing Society), is an Islamic missionary movement that focuses on urging Muslims to return to practising their religion as it was practised during the lifetime of the Islamic prophet Muhammad,and particularly in matters of ritual, dress and personal behaviour.The organisation is estimated to have between 12 million to 80 million adherents worldwide, with the majority living in South Asia,and a presence in somewhere between 180 and 200 countries. It has been deemed as one of the most influential religious movements in 20th century Islam.
Established in 1926 by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi in Mewat region of India, it began as an offshoot of the Deobandi movement, and as a response to perceived deterioration of moral values and a supposed neglect of the aspects of Islam. The movement aims for the spiritual reformation of Islam by working at the grassroots level. The teachings of Tabligh Jamaat are expressed in “Six Principles” (Kalimah (Declaration of faith), Salah (Prayer), Ilm-o-zikr (Knowledge), Ikraam-e-Muslim (Respect of Muslim), Ikhlas-e-Niyyat (Sincerity of intention), Dawat-o-Tableegh (Proselytizaton).
Tablighi Jamaat denies any affiliation in politics and fiqh (jurisprudence), focusing instead on the Quran and Hadith. However, the group has been accused of political links. The group expresses a non-violent ideological stance, although individual members of the group have been convicted of terrorism.
Stop targetting tablighi jamaat  : As we all  are aware that covid 19 come from china and spread within no time all over countries. How can we blame the muslims community for spreading covid 19 virus in india just because our muslim brothers are in a tablighi jamaat. There are maximum tabilighi jammat persons whose test is positive of covid 19. It is shamfull to blame any community for spreading of virus. infact the unfortunaste situatiom that we all together want to fight against covid 19 instead of blaming games.


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