By :- Dr Bilal Ahmad Dar

As of eleventh March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has portrayed COVID-19 as a “pandemic”. Researchers are in a race to discover an antibody or vaccine for this profane pathogen that initially surprised China and has spread to 162 nations since. Supposedly, the immunization is 6-9 months away. What’s more, even that won’t be completely available to all nations right away.

We are living in skeptical time, it is an emergency circumstance, and we don’t have to rehash an already solved problem to forestall the emergency. We have to just guarantee that the stringent measures and best practices that are embraced by different nations should be immediately applied in Kashmir.

We have to participate in social separating, dynamic testing, self-segregation, and pay attention to control measures. After an ongoing examination, it has become visible that Services Hospital in Kashmir has been given the obligation to treat most of potential COVID-19 patients. At present Services emergency clinics doesn’t have any testing packs and the clinical staff -has not been given adequate preparing if the circumstance decays further. They have set up a disconnection ward but in the focal point of the medical clinic premises, rendering the idea of seclusion invalid and void and putting a more prominent populace in danger. Furthermore, our medicinal services authorities have not been provided with appropriate defensive support.

It is currently our community obligation to do our part and instruct general society pretty much all types of preventive measures. Open transportation offices should to be purified on an hourly premise, if not totally stopped. Prayers should be said in the comfort of one’s home. Confine insignificant travel, empower telecommute approaches, and prescribe self-disconnection if indications are noticeable

Regularly, everybody needs to have great hand cleanliness, purify surfaces and exercise social separating. We are living in just wary occasions. It is an emergency circumstance. We have to only guarantee that the stringent measures and best practices that are embraced by different nations, with no respect to the monetary results, should be quickly regulated in Kashmir. Shutting of schools and dropping various important events is in reality a positive development, notwithstanding, not adequate. While the administration has shut its outskirts, restricted air travel, we should internally call for a halt down of activity till a full cognizance of the virus and a strategy for its containment is adopted.

( The Author Currently working on project – impact of migration on psycho-social and Economic well being of Elderly- Department of Management Studies University of Kashmir. Sponsored by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and be contacted at



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