My dear students, colleagues, friends and officers in the Education Department
Amid global health crises inflicted due to Covid-19, I am superannuating today on the 31st of March 2020, after putting in near about 39 years of service in the education department.
Today I feel pain of not seeing my colleagues, friends, and students around me in the school who otherwise would have been there to witness the see off scene. Fact of the matter is that mankind has reached the zenith of arrogance/disobedience and Almighty warns us to return to the path of humility and submission. While looking back to my long service period which I have undergone in different capacities in the department, I really feel sorry for the moments which have gone waste due to one or the other reason. Only a few success stories in my service carrier give me some satisfaction and I wish every day could have been a success story to be shared with at this point of time. This is the time of introspection not only for me but for all of us. For me the introspection at this stage matters least now but for you who have still to deliver, matters a lot. If everyone of you could take corrective measures at this point of time and have a righteous life in the days to come, I am sure you will receive your report card in the right hand on the day of judgment. My message to all my friends is that Time and Tide waits for none. Time is very precious and one has to make judicious use of time in whatsoever capacity one is serving in the department. I realize this time that serving in the education department is an opportunity to earn wealth in the form of satisfaction, contentment, peace and prosperity in this world and Allah’s reward in the world hereafter. I would like to tell my students that schooling is a path of righteousness that would lead you to a better tomorrow subject to the condition that you go by the advice and directions of your teachers and follow the footprints of the great personalities in the world. U need to develop with positive thinking , shun arrogance and adopt the way of humility to reach the climax of humanity.
I am indebted to my colleagues, friends and officers who inspired me all along and corrected me at times,consequently enabling me to deliver in and outside the classroom.
I’m highly grateful to the whole staff of the institution including CPWs, class-IV, non-teaching staff , teachers , masters and lecturers for their cooperation and coordination that made the institution to shine both in curricular and co-curricular fronts. I am really proud of team of dedicated, hardworking and talented staff members who worked with zeal and zest for the overall development of the institution and thus made me to appear tall. I shall be doing injustice if I shall not mention the name of “Rashid kakh” a CPW, who has been working in the institution 24×7 as “one man army” to guard the boundaries and assets of the institution. He is none other than a blessing from Almighty to this institution.

I’m also grateful to the CEO office kupwara under the dynamic leadership of Mr Ab Hamid Fani for the vibrant work culture. Hope that in the near future the educational scenario of district kupwara would get boost under the leadership of worthy CEO.

I must pay my gratitude to worthy DC kupwara Mr Anshul Garg who had been taking keen interest in making my dream come true which I had articulated in my mind and heart about the institution on the day of joining. I hope the land acquisition case and the Tile flooring of the school premises, which are still pending shall be finalized in due course of time.
Now that I am leaving the department but I would like to pass on a message that the prevailing curriculum needs a large scale review at all levels so that the dream of quality education is achieved. There goes an apt saying “Action without knowledge is useless and knowledge without action is futile”. As such our education system has to be re-designed so that educands who come out of schools, colleges and universities are adorned with disciplinary knowledge and skills with a capacity to face the challenges of life. The prevailing downfiltering roll at elementary level is really alarming, with ample reasons behind it which need threadbear discussion. The infrastructure of schools and trained teachers are the key points to bring system back on track. Our classrooms have to come out of the traditional way of teaching which promotes more cramming and less learning. Our classrooms have to be converted into workshops under the guidance of well trained and well versed teachers to make our students learn by actual doing and performing. This phase is again debatable.
I would like to pay homage to the students who brought laurels to the institution in both curricular and co-curricular fields not only at district level but provincial level aswell. I am hopeful about the upcoming generation that they can do wonders and shall prove assets for the society if guided properly.
I still believe this field shall continue to be my concern in the post retirement days(InshaAllah). To me retirement is an opportunity to come out of the contonment of a system which is being governed by set rules and regulations and then to be governed by ones own will power, passion and vision.
There was a time during my service when I was assigned an administrative task of dealing with the teacher fraternity which for some time made me a controversial person in the eyes of many. Thank God, in due course of time the misconception was waved-off and my dear teachers felt my heart beating in the right direction. Still someone’s sentiments may have been hurt for one or the other reason and I feel sorry for that. However i still remind that my intentions were always positive.
At last I pray to Almighty to forgive whole mankind all its sins and restore the glory of social life in general and to the educational institutions in particular.



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