Hug price cut in LPG

The LPG prices have been cut by ₹63 for 14.2kg domestic cylinder. The new home delivery prices applicable in Kupwara for the areas falling under our distributorship(within 15Km) from 1st April that is today shall be ₹868.50. Besides, our consumers who buy the refill from our godown are offered a rebate of ₹27.50, so the effective price for the godown is 842.50.

This is a humble request to all our readers: Kindly share this information and help us to aware the people. Let’s not leave any scope for overcharging.

If you witness any deviation(higher charges) from the prices mentioned above kindly report it to us at our phone numbers: 9596542424, 9622552612, 9596224109. We will make sure that the particular delivery boy is penalized for indulging in such a practice.

Warm regards
Madina Gas Service Kupwara
Prop: Feroze Majeed Pir

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