Srinagar, July 13: Jammu and Kashmir Socio-Political Activist Movement on Monday in a press statement said, the Martyrs on 13th July 1931 sacrificed their lives for the socio-political awakening, that led to peaceful struggle for the basic rights of people.

The non-political forum – JKSPAM paid glowing tributes to the 1931 Martyrs, and remembered their sacrifices for the civil and political rights of the people of Kashmir.

Martyrs’ Day was observed in Jammu and Kashmir on July 13 every year in remembrance of people killed in firing by soldiers of Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh on this day in 1931 during protests against his rule but recently the government has dropped the holiday from the official calendar.

JKSPAM condemned this move of dropping the Martyrs day, and strongly urged the government to restore the holiday as it is the most important event in the history of Kashmir, and a symbol of resilience against the autocratic ‘cruel’ rule.

We will continue to derive motivation from the 1931 Martyrs’ and work for the rights and welfare of people.

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