Jammu and Kashmir Employees Joint Action Committee welcome the initiatives and measures taken by the JK government to control coronavirus in the UT. After making vigorous efforts by the government by keeping all the facilities available in the Jammu and Kashmir for detecting the
affected persons and patients for their treatments at hospitals and other quarantine centers identified by the government.

It is necessary to mention here that all employees of health department, police and other employees of various departments under the supervision of chief secretary of Jammu and Kashmir
are performing their legitimate duties up to proper satisfaction of public and government to fight against COVID-19
Jammu and Kashmir Employees Joint Action Committee appealed the general public not to be panic, but adhere to the advisories issued by the health department and government from time to time and stay at homes and support government initiatives to fight together to succeed in
this mission.
In the present situation Jammu Kashmir Employees Joint Action Committee decided and appealed to donate one-day salary to support JK government institute to break the chain of COVID-19 and throw this virus out of the world and also urge government to strengthen the health and medical education system in Jammu and Kashmir.
May Allah(SWT) keep all the public of this world under his shadows during these critical circumstances.

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