Pirzada Mumin

Ever since Corona virus has engulfed the whole globe. The world has changed dramatically , Industries closed, Streets silent, otherwise busy cities on vacation, Institutions shut. This is what the world looks like , a silent house where residents are scared. This kind of situation has not been witnessed since long atleast not in recent decades.
With this dramatic halt there have emerged a heap of problems and complexions in the entire world. Experts predict a new world order after the pandemic, that’s a different debate. Let’s discuss overhead mentioned issue. What one witnesses these days is that a good no. of population has lost their livelihood. Manual and adhok based employees, labourers , including others. This happens obviously whenever there is a shut down particularly here in Kashmir.
It is a fact that we do not have a high rate of poor people ( I mean those sleeping hungry) but the shut down steeps the rate. People go jobless. They don’t have anything in savings. So the need of the time is to trace out such people. They are the ones who deserve our attention, they deserve to be helped. They have children and family to run. If we just go for helping only those we do , like widows, orphans and handicapped people , we are not doing justice. We have a huge responsibility towards the needy ones. They will not even ask for any help , because they are not used of it. It is their timely problem. So let’s pledge for these more deserving people in this Holy Ramzan. Lockdown will not last long, but our humbleness towards them will certainly and surely.

Hails from Dard Harie Kupwara
E.Mail ; peerzadamumin911@gmail.com

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