Srinagar, March 14: Media laws and ethics by Irshad Hijazi has been suggested to the students of law at the Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar law university.

Official website of university has published a pdf curriculum for the students of department of constitutional law and human rights in which Famous kashmiri motivational speaker Irshad Hijazi’s book ” Media laws and ethics has been suggested to the students of the siad department. While talking to Hijazi siad that “There are hundreds of universities where the scholars of mass media and particularly from the department of law are taking meterial from my books, I was randomly searching on google and I found my name in the curriculum of a university from Tamil Nadu”he further added that he completed the book during his masters degree and from that time many hundred authors have taken study material and also published with reference in many international journals.

It is also evident that a paper was published by international journal for social sciences and humanities and Mr. Hijazi’s references were also used by the authors and researchers of the paper.

Presently Irshad Hijazi is a trained motivational speaker and brain trainer working on different platforms of the nation where he is delivering his speeches on different issues.

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