Residing at 10 kms away from sopore town of zaingeer Duroo Musaib Altaf has written a book on depression and anxiety under the title “A Walk Out Of Anxiety”.

According to Musaib the motive of writting a book was to create among masses that depeession and anxiety is not a disease but it is a disorder and one should save himself if he does a positive stuff.

Musaib said that he wants to be a writer and he is fond of writing and he has also participated in many school competitions and quizzes.

According to Musaib he has achieved his primary education from a local School namely Unique Educational Institute Duroo . Farooq Ahmed Halwai, Principal, Unique Educational Institute, Doru, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Butt, Chairman, Smart School System,Arampora and the rest of the dignitaries congratulated and appreciated the 18-year-old student and his parents.

He said that i used the lockdown period to write this book as i was having no other stuff to do and he was quite excited and ecstatic about it as he believes that there is lot of anxiety and stress among the people of j&k due to various reasons and this book has been published under wular publication and it is an 81 page book.

He stressed upon the fact that this book will benefit one and all as he has worked on some topics which are necessary for everyone for ones life.

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