Mutation of Corona virus has hit the country hard and has further worsened the sit in Kupwara District. In such tough times, Panzgam bn took an initiative to educate the people in the AOR about the dangerous Corona virus and make them aware about the ways and means to curb this disease.

A Rakshak fitted with a loud hailer moved around the whole AOR, telling people about the current covid sit in the area, the look out symptoms and the necessary precautionary measures for the same.

The Awaam was requested to wear double masks and sanitize their hands at regular intervals. Also, they were advised not to congregate and follow all social distancing guidelines in letter and spirit. They were also told about imp of vaccination and the quarantine discipline that needs to followed in case any indl is detected of any such symptoms. Kralpura coy Helpline number was announced multiple times for providing assistance in any covid related query and also the Awaam was reassured that the army will always stand with them in these tough times.

The Awaam was pleased to see the concerned shown by the Panzgam Bn and also appreciated the efforts put in by the bn towards this noble cause.

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