Army’s 41 RR rescues accidental victims in kupwara

Kupwara: In yet another act of kindness Army rescued a civilian vehicle during bad weather conditions. A speeding car skidded off the road into a road side drain in Khumriyal, Kupwara resulting into major damages to the vehicle and injuries to occupants. The accident also blocked the road traffic which was very dangerous in the low visibility conditions. As always, being first responders, the Army sent its recovery and medical teams immediately to the site. In coordination with locals and police the traffic flow was regulated and the injured persons were given immediate medical aid. The skidded vehicle was towed out of the drain and coordinated its further move to repair shop.

The response and efforts of the Army were very well appreciated by the locals especially since there were no other options of recovering the vehicle and regulating the traffic in bad weather conditions.

The act reinforced the Awam’s faith in its Army as a friend for anything, anytime and anywhere.

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