Kupwara: The only bridge connecting dozens of villages in Pashwari area of Kupwara border district has once again fallen victim to floods, causing various problems to the people. Locals say we built the bridge voluntarily, but its collapse has once again cut off our communication.

According to reports the government had started work for the construction of a bridge near this bridge more than ten years ago but the work was stopped after constructing one or two pillars.

A local resident told KNS over phone that we had built the bridge with donations but now it has collapsed again due to floods. “When the government left the construction work on the bridge unfinished, we voluntarily collected donations and built a bridge nearby, but it collapsed again due to the floods, which affected about 40 villages,” he said.

They have lost contact with each other.Government had started the construction of the bridge more than ten years ago but after constructing one or two pillars, the work was stopped due to unknown reasons.

“Once again, we have decided to build the bridge by raising funds, but the water level is not falling yet,” he said.

Another resident of the area said people are facing various problems due to the collapse of the bridge. A relative on one side of the bridge could not meet a relative from the village on the other side.

Another local resident said that he said that if the government had built a concrete bridge, it would not have collapsed due to minor floods and people would not have faced any difficulties.

“It is because of the government’s inattention that we are forced to go door-to-door and collect donations,” he said. (KNS)

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