Gowhar Wani

The covid – 19 viral scar has reduced the rush of  people in the picnic spots of Srinagar & its outskirts. The famous Mughal Gardens & Gulmarg  a hilly resort is thinly visited by people.  

The worst effect of Covid 19  has diverted people towards the valley of Bangus .At the instant, people in hundreds are visiting the Bangus daily  to enjoy the beautiful design of  nature& fully green uninhabited areas .Doubtlessly the valley of Bangus is fine piece of  landscape to fetch peace of mind ,body & soul .

The valley of Bangus remains  snow covered for almost 9 months & Summer months invite many to respire in calm & fresh air for a few days .The villages which fall near to this valley migrate there along cattle & sheep .The valley contains vast plains serve as grazing ground for cattle & sheep. The nomadic people can  be found there in abundance in these summer months. 

Through this valley the streams of potable water flow in plenty .Their fresh water volume  act as stomach wash to remove impurities piled up due to intake of contaminated water .

These streams are fresh sources of potable water  for entire District of kupwara .The high mountains  snow caped almost ,but small mountains full up of natural vegetation has something to give to all .Road connectivity to this valley is almost zero.

If you want to go by a car ,you to have park it 8kms away from the actual spot of the valley. Here it demands fast track  administrative attention to turn it the  most crowded tourist resort to boost economic stability of the UT & particularly Areas close to the valley or whole kupwara .

The constant rush of people & environmental purity invite me to visit there. You need to visit there  to fetch the  peace of  mind which is least seen in us due to prevailing circumstances. 

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