Kupwara Times Team greeted people on Shab-e-Qadar today and hoped that the auspicious occasion would be the harbinger of peace and development in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

In his message, they described the occasion as an opportunity to seek Almighty Allah’s mercy and pray for peace and well-being of the entire humanity.

During the holy night of prayers, we should vow to be compassionate and work towards strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, love and amity among the people.

May Almighty Allah bless all of us and protect the humanity from the Corona Virus and other diseases and grant quick recovery to those who are affected.

Requesting People during the Holy night pray at their homes and spend more time in Ibadah and reciting Quran.

These are certainly unprecedented times. We want to be social and yet the best, safest thing we can do is to stay home and keep our distance from friends, family and fellow humans. We all will be seeing each other soon and things will be better.

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