Appeals LG to revisit termination order

Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference Youth leader and Sarpanch Javid Mir on Sunday termed the expulsion of a government teacher from the services as an unfortunate and an avoidable decision that has deprived a poor family of its livelihood in highly pressing times.

In a statement Javid Mir said that it seems that some elements within the system have mislead the Lt. Governor on such a sensitive subject which has fuelled the level of insecurity and alienation among the people especially the employees working in the government sector.
He said that it is ironical that the accused teacher was not provided any opportunity to speak or defend himself against the charges levelled against him.
Javid Mir said that the order smacks of an autocratic tone thus eliminating all privileges enjoyed by a citizen living in the world’s largest democracy having a free and fair judicial set-up in place.

Javid Mir said that with this order not only the accused teacher has been barred from his rights to a dignified livelihood but his family including small children has been left to starve in most inhumane manner.

“Our country is the world’s biggest democracy and such a heedless decision, if not taken, would not have let the heavens fall. India is not a fragile country that a poor and hapless teacher, who has already been acquitted by the law of the land, could prove detrimental to its security concerns. So, I would fervently appeal to the Lt. Governor to revisit this decision and get the poor helpless teacher reinstated,” Javid Mir pleaded.

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