Kupwara, 25 Nov 2020; In his madian visit to Reddi Chowkibal Territorial constituency Ambardar accompanying Mudasir Ahmad Wani North Kashmir In charge BJP and Meer Mohammad Shafi District President BJP kupwara, addressed the people of ill ideology PAGD are trying to cultivate in our innocent hearts. Power hunger have made them animals and they could go to any extant to fulfill their dreams of taking hostage of whole kashmir valley.

He further said that In recent past years they used to target each other on grounds of robbery, treachery and wink hood. If they were all above then why they’ve aligned under one banner to befool us?. Amberdar briefed the people “Think before you caste your votes, its your power to help those in need and everyone should caste their votes to make a strong statement of defying PAGD’s ideology and manifesto”.
Amberdar took the nullification of Roshni Act as the tool of teaching lesson to these billboard miscreants of looting kashmir and deceiving kashmiri people. Praising the generosity and clean heartedness as the instincts only few politicians inherit and lucky are the people of Reddi Chowkibal that such a respectable person is giving them opportunity to represent them. Don’t loose this opportunity.

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