‘We are running out of money, essentials’

Tasaduq Hussain

Kupwara, May 18 (KNO): At least two thousand students from Jammu and Kashmir including girls who are stranded in Osh region of Kyrgyzstan said that they are running out of money and other essentials and at the same time they are being forced by landlords to pay rent.

Talking to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the students said that it’s becoming difficult for them to meet the daily needs as they are running short of money and essentials with each passing day.

“We are finding it hard to survive without essentials, money and at the same time we are being forced by landlords to pay rent well on time without any relaxation. We are in a state of extreme depression and there is no help from the local government as well,” they said.

They said that around four flights arrived in Bishkek (Capital City) which is approximately 800 Kilometres away from Osh. “This region has its own international airport but no one came to evacuate us, A 1st year student recently died of Pneumonia and unfortunately the body wasn’t evacuated to his home that left everyone shattered here.”

“We are living in a private accommodation since tCovid-19 outbreak. The local authorities turned all the hostels into quarantine centers across the region now landlords have started to pressurize us to pay rent without any relaxation, at this point of time we fail to understand how to manage our expenses since we are out of money and essentials,” said one of the students.

He said that the authorities in Jammu and Kashmir were also not takin any initiative to evacuate them. The students have appealed the government of India and Jammu and Kashmir government to take some initiative in order to facilitate their return home—(KNO)

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