Kupwara, June 17: According to Assistant Labour Commissioner Kupwara, all those migrant workers of District Kupwara, who have returned from various parts of the country or abroad, owing to the outbreak of COVID-19, that Labour Department J&K has been assigned the job of identifying these labourers, so that they can be placed suitably in various Government run schemes, which are presently in vogue in Jammu & Kashmir and District Administration Kupwara will explore their feasibility of employment in these schemes. The step has been taken to secure the employment of these migrant labourers, so that they can earn their livelihood and feed their families in this hour of crisis. Accordingly Labour Department Kupwara has been instructed to aware the general public and in particular these migrant labours to register themselves on link www.jklabour.com/stranded/returned workers, which has been hosted on website www.jklabour.com. Further the Department has established a full-fleged Helpdesk at the official level that shall compile the data of these returned workers and provide them timely support 24×7. The helpdesk will comprise of following officials of this office. Mr. Javid Ahmad Shah, Labour Inspector Cell No. 9906708853 and Mr. Amit Kapoor, Labour Inspector Cell No. 9797346337.
In addition to this these returned workers can register themselves in any Government Offices near to his place of residence for facilitation in the registration process.

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