People of various villages in Sogam block have alleged that the DDC committee has ignored many villages in the developmental plan for the year 2020-21 under which many developmental projects are being executed including the road projects in different villages of Kupwara.

They said that the no widening has been done on Muqam to Dardpora road, Lalpora to Gundimancher and many other road projects since years.

People Conference leader Habibullah Bhat alleged that the DDC Deputy chairman is ignoring Sogam block for his ulterior motives and executing all these developmental projects in the block he falls in.

Habibullah said that many road projects are still pending in block Sogam which should have been taken on priority considering the population ratio the the block.

“DDC deputy chairman falls in Wavoora block which is next to Sogam, he is willingly ignoring a huge population of Sogam block and executing unnecessary works in his block. A leader should not be selective when it comes to development for the general public”, said Habibullah.

“We have been waiting for years now for the road widening of Muqam-Dardpora road and Lalpora-Gundimancher road projects, now that the DDC committe has submitted their plan for the year 2020-21, Sogam block has been completely ignored. No developmental project is being executed in this block” Said Habibullah.

Habibullah has urged the UT administration and DDC chairman to taken up all necessary projects in block Sogam for which the people are waiting since years.

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