MC Kupwara in deep slumber.

Kupwara :- Municipal Committee Kupwara has failed to remove encroachment from footpaths in Kupwara Town. This also gives an ugly look to markets and create problem for general public.

Shopkeepers and street vendors have taken over pavements and adjoining areas while authorities have closed their eyes over the gross violation.

Every morning shopkeepers set up their merchandise on the pavements outside their shops, leaving pedestrians with no choice, but to walk on the road. ”The encroachments force us to walk on the roads instead of the footpaths.

It is risk to our lives, and we ( public) dont know why the authorities fail to take action against these culprits”, said an ongoing pedestrian.

“We had already constituted a flying squad to monitor encroachment on foothpaths , and accordingly they are being fined for the same” Said Executive Municipal Committee Officer.

People are raising questions, as MC authorities are targeting only selected shops, this is mere a drama.

The residents have appealed district administration of redressing the matter, so that people will not suffer.

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