Rivers are premium resource available in nature and have played an important role in shaping civilizations since ancient times.
Civilizations have always flourished on banks of rivers. In modern times with technological advancements and industries, environment, flora, fauna around rivers have been deteriorating at a very alarming rate.
To bring awareness of the same, Trehgam Company of Humadard-E-Kupwara Battalion organised an event on this day primarily focusing on the young children to make them understand the importance of our rivers and their cleanliness .
This event was organised in Kunan village on the bank of Khamil River. Around 80 people attended the event majority of which were school students.The Awam came together and joined hands with Army in cleaning the area on the banks of Khamil River. A game of Tug of War was also organised for the children. Their enthusiasm and josh in cleaning the river and in games on the banks of river was worth commending and were distributed stationary items .
The children had a lot of fun with Company Commander and also got educated about importance of keeping our rivers clean. The Awam thanked Army for taking this step and for caring about the river.

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