Will launch criminal proceedings against miscreants, DC Kupwara


Kupwara :-An audio clip which is being widely circulated on social media and shared in different watsapp groups, claiming it DC Kupwara. This audio clip is being shared widely by many WhatsApp users assuming the claims made in it are true.


An audio clip with the tag name of DC Kupwara, directing some officials to arrest all people who are wandering in yards as well as during morning walk. The official in audio clip further orders that put all in some van in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This is being circulated widely on social media platforms and WhatsApp.

Various people claimed it as DC Kupwara ordering to the subordinates.

However when we contacted DC Kupwara, Mr. Anshul Garg, he said,
“This audio clip is fake and will launch criminal proceedings against those miscreants who had shared it” , said DC Kupwara

“The audio clip which has been shared in whatsApp groups is fake and strict action will be initiated against miscreants”

The team of professionals from information Centre Kupwara are closely monitoring the watsapp groups, people who are circulating such stuffs will have to face legal action” added Waheed Ul Rehman.

Meanwhile District administration has appealed to all citizens to remain indoors strictly during the period of lockdown for their own safety and safety of their near and dear ones.”

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