Whereas Natnussa Migrant Colony was declared as Red Zone by Chairman DDMA Kupwara by order no, DCK/PS/04/713-21, dated 29-06-2020.

Whereas aggressive contact tracing and 100% sampling was do. In the Red Zone Natnussa Migrant Colony to break the chain and contain the spread of virus.

Whereas around 23 days have passed since last positive case was reported in the Red Zone and thereby becomes eligible for De-notlficatIon as per Criteria mentioned in Govt. Order No. 63-1K 9DPARRR1 of 7020, dated 24-06-2020 Whereas Tehsil Level Committee Handwara vide communication No:- TH / N / Esst. /20 / 279 Dated, 21-07-2020 recommended de-notlfication of Red Zone Natnussa Migrant Colony Now therefore, as per SOP in force and on the basis of recommendation of the Tehsil level Committee, the Natnussa Migrant Colony is hereby partial,’ de-notified as Red Zone W.e.f 24-07,020.

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