On 22 April evening a civil bus broke-down near Kalaroos leaving the road blocked. The civil bus couldn’t be repaired in night due to unavailability of mechanic thereby forcing the vehicular traffic to pass through from a side with a difficulty.

On 23rd afternoon while the repair of the bus was in progress and in meantime a civil tipper got stuck in drainage while trying to cross through from the narrow space available. The tipper couldn’t recover itself leaving the entire road blocked.

Due to traffic jam civil police approached the Kalaroos Company Commander and a recovery vehicle was made available from Kalaroos Garrison. With the help of team from COB the tipper was recovered and traffic resumed.

The efforts put in by Army persons was applauded by the civil police and all people stuck in the traffic Jam. This act reinforced the faith of Awam in Army as first and last responder in all their needs.

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