Expressed the villagers of New Rangwar village ,Chowkibal when house of Zaheer Khan caught fire and timely intervention by Army prevented it from further damage and spreading it to other houses. The incident happened at around 1300h on 22 March.

A cloud of fire was observed at new Rangwar from Drangyari Gun area at 1245h.

The Bty Cdr activated the QRT along with fire safety eqpt and the gun area control informed the police and fire safety dept. The QRT reached on the spot and took over the fire hazard prevention. Army mobilised the villagers around to help in recovery and with great efforts recovered the balance of the house and prevented the fire from spreading to other houses of village as well as the lower portion of the house. Maqbool,Sarpanch and other elderly villagers expressed their gratitude for immediate response and dedicated efforts by the army and thanked for being there in every need as true friend of Awam.

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