Committed to its role and true to its charter of duties where Indian Army is not leaving any stone unturned to reinstate peace and prosperity in the valley, a number of efforts by Govt of India is also ensuring a deep and close connect with the people of valley and bring in a visible change in the development of the J&K UT.

Lolab being the farthest edge of Kupwara district has also seen an unprecedented success in the quality of life and economic development. The signatures of the prosperity, cultural, social and educational development is visible everyone.

The people of Lolab have not only shown the zeal and exuberance in latest held elections but also proudly admire the cultural heritage of the valley. They have shown their trust in the democracy and also feel privileged to be dwelling in the best part of the North Kashmir Lolab fondly known as Land of Love and Beauty

” These graffitis speak more than the words..”

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