JAMMU :- Due to ongoing #Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reserve Bank of India has provided a facility of #EMI deferment for three months. #Fraudsters are using this panic situation to defraud the customers by calling them and asking sensitive details like #OTP, #PIN, #Account Number etc in order to defer their EMIs.

      Posing as bank representatives, fraudsters calls the customer and asks for his/her account number/mobile number/debit card details for verification. Using the details, they initiate an online transaction and ask for the OTP saying that it is required for completing the process of deferment of EMIs on loan. One OTP is provided by a customer, money is siphoned away. The fraudster may send a malicious link in SMS or email in connection with EMI which if clicked, may install malware to compromise the mobile/computer.

      To make general public aware about these type of cyber frauds, Jammu and Kashmir Police appeals that EMI deferment does not require OTP sharing. Never share OTP/PIN / password with anyone. Banks never ask for any such information. Never click on links shared by unknown numbers/emails. Never share your bank account number, card details, #CVV and #OTP with any caller. Banks never ask for such details. In case of need or doubt, contact customer care number given at the back of your #Debit/#Credit Cards or that mentioned on official website of bank/card company.
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