Thousands of non local labourers entering Valley without Covid screening


Srinagar Monday, July 20:- Amid raging Coronavirus pandemic in Kashmir, the past few weeks have recorded the highest spike in covid related cases in Jammu And Kashmir leading to 13,198 Covid cases and 236 deaths .Though the administration opting out different strategies to curb the increase of Covid cases, it all turned out to be spoof when nearly around 11000 non local labourers were allowed to enter the valley since 14 July without proper screening. Administration claims that they have taken samples from most of them.

On Sunday , a video viral on social media showing many buses carrying thousands of non locals were entering valley. When asked whether they have been tested for covid19, most of the labourers refused and agreed with the fact that they have not been screened or tested. Somewhere in Kupwara hospital a non local Covid positive was found to be carrying fake Covid negative certificate and had easily entered valley, showing the negligence of administration towards non locals.
Besides the men and women kids too have been seen travelling in the buses. In an interview, Abdul Rashid war Labour Commissioner said that around 11000 non labourers from different from states have returned to valley.

In a report on Sunday, around six non locals were found Covid positive and near about five thousand results are still awited.In Kashmir alone for the population of 70 lakh, there are just 93 ventilators in hospitals out of which almost are occupied. The spread of Coronavirus like wild fire in Jammu And Kashmir has turned out to as disasters and had led to community spread of the virus.

Though lockdown has been reimposed in most parts of the valley, the easy allowance of the non locals in the valley is questioning the policy of the administration.

“They have been brought here to resume work on brick kilns. The rates of the bricks have touched the sky and if the work is not resumed, there will be a shortage of bricks in the valley” War said.

We have collected the details of the labourers and registration number of the busses in which the non locals are being traveled to Kashmir. The same details are being forwarded to the Deputy Commissioner Anantnang who then proceeds with the sampling of these labourers at Lower Munda before allowing them to enter the valley” War said.

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