Party senior leader sounds caution against any ‘misadventure’

Amid speculations of JKAP forming an advisory council in Jammu and Kashmir, former Chief Minster and National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah has also flown to New Delhi on monday triggering a wave of speculations that National Conference may also be weighing its options. Though there is no clear indication about National Conference joining the Chorus, sources indicate the unscheduled visit of the former Chief Minster amid covid scare could not be without any reason.

Meanwhile the party senor leader and former minster Aga Ruhullah has hinted of a possible revolt cautioning the party top brass against any ‘misadventure’.

Mr. Ruhulla in a tweet strongly castigated Omar’s political advisor Tanveer Sadiq asking if the party was asking for the restoration of 4G services and permission for restarting the political activities.

“Revisit domicile law. Lift curbs on internet? ‘LET’ political process be run? Is that all what you are looking for in this reconciliation? If I am not reading wrong, you are asking for 4G and THEIR PERMISSION’ to let us start the political process. &then all is well.” Aga tweeted in response to Tanveer Sadiq’s earlier tweet.
Mr Sadiq had demanded release of political prisoners, revisiting the domicile law and restoration of 4G services to begin the political process.

“As a starting point let all political prisoners arrested post Aug 05 be released, revisit domicile law, and lift all curbs on internet . Let the end of pandemic & the beginning of the political process be run along parallel lines.” Sadiq had tweeted.

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