Umar Nisar, is an award winning Radio Jockey, Ted Talk speaker and the storyteller from a small hamlet of Tral, Pulwama, Kashmir. After his TEDx Talk and other international shows . Now, he got featured By ACE-Humans

Ace Humans is a storytelling platform which endeavours to narrate the organic stories of people who have chosen the unconventional path in their life. We believe often the wrestling pursuance is veiled under the glamour of achievements. It is these tales of perseverance that we want to explore with a desire to sow seeds of encouragement in society.

The destination is different for individuals but their journeys often converge in terms of efforts and persistence. Till date ACE interviewed over 150 individuals and featured over 130 stories round the globe and Rj Umar is one among them. ACE continue to come across is that people who have made the difference are those who were bold enough to make choices which others even deterred from considering an alternative. With stories as such, want to unravel the uniqueness and yet similarity prevailing in them.

” The most important thing one needs for creativity is freedom but sadly we cannot even exercise full freedom in storytelling. An RJ in Delhi will have to think about what unique content to present in front of this audience but the challenge here is in terms of what not to present as it might hurt the sentiments of people. ⠀

I have been often been criticised and threatened for being expressive. But what keeps me going in spite of all this is when I find the youth appreciating my work. It is then that I know I am doing something worthwhile. I simply try to improve myself with each passing day so that I can set a better example for the budding flowers who may one day be successful in bringing a new dawn for Kashmir and humanity. Do what makes your heartbeat, and you can” Umar Quoted.

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