Suhail Yousuf Shah

Lolab : RUBOR ( Rashtriya Rifles United With Brothers of RedCross )- #bleedforacause Blood donation camp 28- RUBOR (Rashtriya Rifles United with Brothers Of RedCross ) , a blood donation initiative to aid Awam , admist the COVID-19 lockdown , fear and stigma which has led to a fall in voluntary blood donations and subsequently an acute shortage of life saving blood for Cancer , Polytrauma , Complicated pregnancy and those on prolonged dialysis patients .

Keeping this in view , SF on the eve of 14th June which is International Blood Donation day conducted a blood donation camp .

Unit’s 50 blood donors donated blood to local hospitals in conjunction with the Indian Red Cross Society to fulfil the existent demand of blood , which could play a huge role in saving numerous lives of the Awam.

Blood donation event planned to be conducted after reception of party from IRCSJ&K and team of Medics from Blood bank , DH Kupwara and collected blood safely dispatched to DH Kupwara and DH Handwara And other local hospitals having needy patients using cold chain .

BMO , Kupwara also attended the camp and appreciated this unique initiative of the army .

The programme which was based on the theme #bleedforacause proved to bolster bonds between the Army and Awam and provided a fruitful platform to prove that the SF could volunteer to help the needy on all fronts at all times .

HQ CIF (K) Force/HQ 8 Sect RR/28 RR Bn

HQ CIF (K) Force/HQ 8 Sect RR/28 RR Bn

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