By: – Mir Ajaz Bin Muhammad

“as long as people use violence to combat violence, we will always have violence”

It was a Friday, coming out of mosque after Friday prayers I checked my phone which is a normal. But notification on the screen of my phone was not at all normal. 20+ missed calls and end number of massages. I was very surprised to see that. I called the number back, it was a childhood friend on the other side! Hearing his voice was a great feeling but the news he gave was not happy news. His brother had an accident, he needs blood and I have same blood group. The friend asked me to come hospital so I could donate blood. If not the survival chances of his brother was very less as blood bank of that hospital had zero availability of that blood group.

Without informing anyone, I took a seat in a vehicle and the journey begun. We had around 30 minutes of drive the driver said, “Sheesh keriv haz band, yeit ma layan kein” in reply to this I said “ az chen kahai call, pathrav kaiz gais” in reply driver said “ az chun haz jummah……..” driver hasn`t finished yet but a stone came from nowhere and hit my head. Blood came out and my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes I found myself in same hospital where my friend’s brother was battling for his life.

Around 7:30PM I was feeling a bit comfortable, saw my family around me without knowing who informed them. I asked for my phone, they handed me I dialed the Cell number of my friend which was switched off. I tried to enquiry about him by asking the Hospital staff but that had no idea about that particular accident. Next day in the morning i logged into Facebook and saw the post of my friend, his brother was no more! Inna lilalahi wa inna illahie rajaeoon. Somebody had donated blood still he did not survive. Death was his destiny but I was blaming myself why was not I able to reach in time?

This episode introduced me with many questions! Whose answers at times seems easy, like- I was not able to reach in time because somebody threw a stone. But can I blame that unknown? I guess no, I cant blame him. Because he became a stone pelter for a reason. The reason that almost all population of valley admire and dream of. Even with utter blind confidence I can say his intention was never to hit me, even his motive cant be to hit the driver. Drive was driving only to earn bread and butter for his family, even all the co-passengers definitely had some sort of work. Why should I blame stone pelter. I must blame them who haven’t told us- who are our real enemy or I have to blame that stone which was blind didn’t recognized on which side I am.

Who is our real enemy? Is our enemy the security personnel who is from Bihar or Bangal, who have nothing to do with us, who have nothing to do with our dream, who are here (Kashmir) not for entertainment or recreation but only are on duty, so that they could earn livelihood for their family. We throw stones on them, obviously they will retaliate back they have tear gases, pallet guns or even they use bullet. Is that security man hurdle between us and our dream? On face it looks yes, but if we dig deep he isn’t, he is just doing his duty. He is following orders of his boss and his boss is following the order of his boss. This hierarchy goes on and reaches to so called political class.

So is the political class our enemy? who at the time of elections comes to us and ask for our votes. There is barter system in this process, we give our vote to them and they give their word to us. They promise once they become Member of Parliament or Member of Assemble they will heal all our problems. They will represent our sentiments. They will be our voice, they will highlight our real issues. But I am surprised is Bund, Building, road our real issue. What Kashmir has to do with Bund, Building and Road if every day we lose our beloved ones for one particular dream? What Kashmir has to do with this sort of development if this development is without the generation?

So the political class is our enemy! but which group? Here in valley there is different set of political classes. One is who believe in electoral politics like JKPDP, JKNC,AIP or JKPC and other group equally powerful who do not believe in electoral politics like Hurriyat Conference and others. So who among them is our enemy electoral politics believer or non-electoral politics believer? Both claim they represent us, so both are the culprits. But on ground I cannot differentiate who is follower of whom. I see a person in the front row shouting anti India slogans and pro independence slogans. But after few days I see that same person in the front row of an election campaign. So who belongs to whom is mystery and subject of research in my opinion.

Finally I was able to find the person whom I could blame for not allowing me to reach on time to the hospital. But that person has no shape and structure. Sometimes he is in one group and other time he is in different as per his comfort. So I decided to blame that STONE which was the main reason and the only hurdle between me and hospital that day. But the stone is blind cannot recognize on which side the target is. Is the aimed target pro dream of freedom or anti dream of freedom. Is hitting him the solution to our problem? We don`t know is our target the hurdle or not so let us give an eye to stone which itself will determine its legitimate target!

“I wish I could tell you how lonely I am. How cold and harsh it is here. Everywhere there is conflict and unkindness. I think God has forsaken this place. I believe I have seen hell and it is white and green. It is snow white and lush Green”


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