On Ahad Babb, His Life, Spirituality and Spiritual Prowess


The appellation and name Kashmir, not only evokes images of entrancing and enthralling beauty but also associations of the place with Sufism. In common parlance, among the natives of the place, Kashmir is known as “Peer e Vaer”, that is, the alcove of saints. This appellation is not superfluous but has been earned by the wanderings of Sufi saints to Kashmir in the past leaving behind a legacy of faith in and among the people of Kashmir. That Kashmir is the abode of saints then is to state the obvious. In modern day times, while the overall consciousness, outlook and faith of people is owed to the efforts of Sufis who arrived in Kashmir, there have been some outstanding figures in the firmament of Kashmir who reached higher states of spirituality, self transcendence and consciousness. Among these, the name of Ahad Babb stands out.
Born in a village of Sopore, called Ashpeer, in Jun 1930, Ahad Babb’s life was not the typical sort or form. His parents were devout and pious people who could see the spark of intense spirituality in the young Ahad Babb whose spiritual prowess and intensity only grew and increased by the day. Gradually, as Ahad Babb reached spiritual maturity, space, time and place became irrelevant for the great pir. He would wander around in deep and profound stages of ecstatic spiritual bliss. All this made people seek out Ahad Babb, approach him for blessings and seek a solution to their various problems. Ahad Babb, it must be pointed out, did not seek people. They sought him. Overwhelmed by his spiritual prowess and aura, it is people that sought him. Given that the great pir was invariably in states of consciousness that cannot even be aspired by ordinary folk, he would speak very little. But, whenever he spoke, it was powerful and people felt blessed. Many a times, it has been narrated by those that visited him, that he would be in a given state of consciousness and self transcendence, but when somebody would approach the pir, he already knew the given person’s problems, This did not emanate from mere psychic powers of the pedestrian kind, but accrued from a deep and profound spirituality and connections thereof.
Ahad Babb, because of his spiritual powers, became a venerated name not only in Kashmir but notably in other parts of the world. But, repute and fame were not something that the great man sought; these came to him. In the process, both the worldly and spiritual problems of an innumerable number of people were resolved. That Ahad Babb lived frugally and simply would be an understatement. The great pir had very few bodily needs. He had no need or time for mundane activities as he was always absorbed in his spiritual practices and disciplines which were, to say the least, phenomenal. Hundreds and thousands of people were cured by Ahad Babb, their multiple problems resolved and their lives were transformed. This happened not because the Babb was a simple faith healer but a man of great and significant spiritual prowess and depth.
Ahad Babb left for his heavenly abode on the 26th of July , in 2010 which happened to be the 13th of Shaban according to the Islamic calendar. Babb’s leaving the earth was an evocative loss for an innumerable number of people for who he was not only a spiritual mentor and inspiration but also a comforting presence. But, like all mortals, he had to leave the earthly abode for the heavenly one. He continued the legacy of the past Sufis of Kashmir and adorned it with his presence.



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