Abdullahs are OK with Pakistan but not with BJP: Brig Gupta

Srinagar, Apr 28: State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Brig Anil Gupta Sunday said the father-son duo is busy criticising BJP in their pursuit of reviving the electoral fortunes of National Conference, the party which was once the strongest political force in the state but currently is in a state of decline.

“Omar Abdullah’s threat assessment in which he has claimed “RSS-BJP bigger threat to J&K than Pakistan” is not only illogical but weird. There is no comparison between the two, while BJP represents the voice of the people of the state, Pakistan is responsible not only for unleashing a proxy war in our state but also has subjugated the voice of the people of POJK &Gilgit-Baltistan by engineering large scale demographic changes, allowing free access to China and by denying basic necessities like water and electricity to the residents of these areas,” claimed Brig Gupta.

“Omar Abdullah is unhappy because BJP is assuring abolition of Article 370, the demand of crore of Indians, but is perfectly comfortable with Pakistan, which has not only detached the area of Gilgit-Baltistan from POJK but has also illegally ceded its territory to China,” he said.

“In any case Abdullahs who represent a party that has lost its political footing in both Jammu &Ladakh regions and are now struggling for political space in Kashmir, reducing their party to a sub-regional party, have no right to speak on behalf of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. For the people of Jammu &Ladakhand a silent majority in Kashmir, saving Article 370 is a non-issue and they want its early abrogation so that they can benefit from the economic boom in India, world’s fastest growing economy, stated Brig Gupta.Their only hope lies in BJP. They also are sacrosanct that only BJP can save them from the evil intents of Pakistan, ahidden ally of the Abdullahs, Brig Gupta said in a statement issued to KNS.

“Dr Farooq Abdullah has alleged that, “PM has failed to embalm people of J&K”. The allegation is far from reality. The reality is that vast majority of the people of J&K are happy and with the Prime Minister in as far as SF led ‘Operation All Out’ and ED & NIA led operations against over ground terror support network and terror funding are concerned,” he said.

Reacting to another remark of Dr Abdullah, that, “BJP failed to carry forward the legacy of Vajpayee during its stint in power,” Brig Gupta blamed the Abdullahs and other mainstream parties for the murder of “Insaniyat and Kashmiriyat” in the Valley. Insaniyat has become “Haivaniyat” and Kashmiriyathas been replaced by “Khalifaiyat”, rued Brig Gupta. He further said, “Rather than trying to mainstream the dissatisfied Kashmiris, these parties contributed towards their further alienation from India by promoting the interests of Jammat-e-Islami and the Hurriyat while wearing the mask of mainstream parties claiming allegiance to the Constitution of India and the symbols of nationalism like the National Anthem & the National Flag but failed to uphold their esteem.”

Brig Gupta further said, “BJP is determined to find a lasting and permanent solution to the problems in Kashmir. Towards this end, the government is working towards return of Kashmiriyat and Insaniyat and elimination of terrorism to create an environment of safe and peaceful living for the Kashmiris and their total amalgamation with the rest of the country.”


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