Sajad Lone’s planted conspiracy resulted in killing of Langate Teenager: Er Rashid

Regional Mainstream parties with anti Kashmiri remakes are benefitted by the Boycott call of JRL and Syed Salahu Ud Din

Kupwara :- Er Rasheed in a statement on social media facebook page posted “Don’t know why some of my friends are not understanding what I said in my previous post.I am not doubting intentions of Geelani Sb or any one else but isn’t it a fact that election boycott has helped Sjad Lone in general and isn’t it also fact that Imran Ansari & Sjad Sb ensured boycott in various areas.They distributed huge money in Plhalan , Sopore, Baramulla & Langate to enforce boycott.The teen-ager killed in Langate was the out come of stone pelting carried by PC workers throughout the day just to ensure that boycott is ensured in entire area.What so ever happened in Langate resulted in death of teen-ager was well planned & had full backing of Sjad Lone.All what I want to say is that by default anti Kashmiri forces get benifetted from boycott call & it takes place in those areas only where people are expected to support Pro Kashmiri forces.If people vote in huge no’s in entire parliamentary constituency isn’t boycott in few pockets helping those who have damaged resistance movement most.Request you all just to give a cool thought to what I am saying.Just getting stucked doesn’t work.

Earlier Er Rasheed posted ” How strange Geelani & Salahudin called for election boycott & Sjad Lone & Imran Ansari forced it’s implementation”.


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