Karnah residents face risk during winters due to overloading of commercial interest of traders.

Zubair Ahmad

Karnah// This winter of tehsil karnah caused great obstructions in the way of lifestyle of the poor people. Many casualties observed on the road from chowkibal to tangdhar due to snow slides. Taking undue benefit of opening of the road just for a short time, the traders president of karnah beopar mandal blocked the one way route during winter by carrying essential commodities in heavy truck and vehicle 407. The heavy loaded vehicles couldn’t ply over the road from chowkibal to tangdhar as whole of the area was badly bounded by snow. An army officer said that heavy truck and 407 vehicles blocked the road at khooni nalla on 8 Jan 2019 Tata somu vehicles carrying passengers from kupwara-tangdhar stranded at various places and on this occasion army had to rescue all the passengers and brought to sadhana top safety. On 28 Feb 2019 when road was once more opened hundreds of passengers travelling in Tata samu vehicles from chowkibal to tangdhar were stranded on the way due to heavy avalanches. Again army sent its rescue teams for the safeguards of the travelling including a large number of ladies and children. Inspite of the directions of “No movement” from civil administrations and army 13 heavy trucks (loaded) moved from chowkibal and blocked the road for light vehicles, the army officer said. The market union doing his own and not complying with the rules and regulations insisted upon the owners of the heavy trucks to move ahead which resulted into detention of the passengers/travellers the trade union president who is himself a transporter always does his own for his profit at the cost of the precious lives of the people the officer told . The army officer If held responsible for the movement of the vehicles travelling on the road,why the transporter and trade union leaders blame army for any damage or life loss caused by them army officers said to Reporter that they call upon the adminstration to come heavy on these traders and somu owners to prevent further loss of life on this road and make arrangements enroute to make the route safe. on the otherhand army officers said that a requirement rally for porters was held at army ground chamkote measuring 1.6 kilometres. A porter had to cover the distance by running 5 rounds in its surrounding carrying 20kg sand bag at the back. Six hundred porters from karnah are required to be requited while as 2200 desiring candidates participated in the rally. This process of requirement of porters through army minimised unemployment to a great extent.


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