Situation in J&K good, only two-and-a- half districts have problem: PM Modi

Denying that the situation in J&K was not good, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that “only two- and- a -half districts in the entire state were left where the condition is not good”. According to RNA, in an interview with a Delhi based daily, the Prime Minister said that he does not agree that the Condi in Kashmir is not good. He was responding to a question as if the government’s North East action against Maoists was effective, why could’t be it effective in Kashmir.

“I do not agree that the condition in Kashmir is not good. This is a 40-year-old problem and there have been interruptions, but you will see that only two, two-and-a-half districts in Jammu, Ladakh and Srinagar Valley are left where the condition is not good. “Modi replied to HT.

He added that Local-level elections were not held for many years in the Srinagar Valley.

“Earlier governments were obstructions. Right now, we have conducted elections. Hundreds of people were killed in panchayat elections in West Bengal, but there was no single incident in Kashmir. Are conditions bad in Bengal or in Kashmir?” Said the Prime Minister.

He added, “In a way, rapid development is taking place. The task to provide electricity to every household has been completed last month. These days, several major decisions have been taken under the governor’s regime these days.”

He also said that the whole world is fighting against terrorism.

“Our effort is to make terrorism a global agenda and tell the world that Pakistan is in the business of exporting terror to India. Pulwama has convinced the world that what India says is right. Because of that, the entire world supported us when the air strikes were conducted.” Said Modi in reply to another question. (RNA)


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