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By :- Peerzada Mumin

One of my Journalist friend would often post about his Sikh friends. Wishing them on their birthdays, uploading photos of them. All this make me feel not good. As there is ( rather was) a common perception about outsiders ( being hateful for us) . The space between the people here and outside is quite visible, the space can be observed easily. There can be many reasons to this but here we are not supposed to discuss.
But strangely i was unaware of the lovable nature of Sikhs , not only here but all across the country.
The recent Messiha’hi role of Sikhs in recent threatful atmosphere for Kashmiris following Pulwama attack compelled me draw some lines for them. Their friendly response forced me to praise them from core of my heart, the ” being human” behaviour .
Just after the Pulwama attack , the fire of hatred spread all across India. One after another report of thrashing , abusing of Kashmiri students, traders was reported. The fear and chaos made them to flee their homes. So they started “running for safe”.
However, the journey was full of danger . These people ( students and traders) were also short of money. They were in a desperate need of a savior . This time was very tough for them. They were in deep depression n shock filled with fear. So came forward the Sikhs to help these needy Kashmiris. Sikhs all across wholeheartedly organised lungers, arranged buses. Not only this , they even opened doors of their gurdewaras for them. One of the N.G.O is worth mentioning here – Dal Khalsa Aid . They played a vital role during these days . They made destitute people feel home. Opening the doors of their most scared place reflects their true humble heart. They had no problem in accomodating hundreds of needy Kashmiris, feeding them for many days. This was no less than a Messiha’hi role for them .
This kind heartedness was followed by an overwhelming reaction by Kashmiri people. Social media is flodded with offers and discounts for Sikhs.One of the Kashmiri business man even waved 40,000 rupees to a Sikh brother.Many schools announced free admission to Sikh children this year, doctors offered free checkup to patients belonging to Sikh community. Not only this even some youth offered blood for Sikh patients in need. People here have now opned hearts for their Sikh brothers. We pray this friendship previal long and strong.

( Author hails from Dard Harie Kupwara and can be contacted on ( )

These are personal views of Author Kupwara Times don’t depict .


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