Addressing Shah Faesal

By :- Peerzada Mumin

Dear Faesal,

Really it was a massive decision. Leaving a job for what millions of youth aspire and wish. You turned away from (what may be called comfort zone) and took a different path. You were hailed by everyone one here, however some critisized you according to their perception. There was a widespread debate on social media ( Facebook in particular) . Mostly people called it a positive move and hailed it while few others were against it saying that it will have no remarkable impression on K politics.Youth in particular appreciated you. Many even expressed their full support in your favour.
From the day of your resignation, you opened your heart of what made you to take such a brave but hard step in your youthery. You were at a good position where you could have delivered better (and undoubtedly you did) for the common masses. You earned a reputation and good image among all. Masses saw you a model officer in Kashmir berucracy. You have had a white sheet of honesty.
To me, the thing that made to to cut it short was your outspoken nature.Which was unacceptable for the masters, so were you to face their wrath. You felt suffocating in the system. You were made suspecious for your “Rapistan” remarks after henious rape of a nomadic girl in Kathua. Even your Intrigrity and honesty was questioned. How could have you survived in such strain and pressure.
Whatsoever, here are you in a field where you are going to deliver. You have chosen a hard terf to play in . It is because of the nature of land you live in. In Kashmir politics you are a fresher, however you have a almost decade long experience in governance. You were part of state system for long. This much is not enough. You would have to take wide consultants with the concerned experts. You would have to learn things for long time now.
A recent report had shocking stastics of attendance of Kashmir MPs in parliament. When they should have the most in view of sufferings of people here. They could have pressurized the central reduce loss of lives here. But they didn’t.
Dear Doctor, for the people you might be a new hope, a new morning, a strong voice of oppressed nation. Kashmiris have been suffering since long (and you too are a victim) . The faces that represent have have never been our voice. They just have shown us green gardens. When voted to power they are nowhere to see. Infact, you alone cannot make things in order. But it could be a energetic start of a long journey.
Youth here have turned their faces from both camps . They see hopelessness. They are upset and fed-up now. Desieved once and again. If you want, you could be hopefully our voice, a strong voice. You can provide us a good leadership.
We hope , you will shake the dynastic politics here. We hope a positive start from yours.

Hails from DARD HARIE Kupwara



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