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Srinagar :- In a new editorial transition of Kupwara Times , The Editorial board has appointed Senior Journalist Shahid Peer as Editor of Kupwara Times .

The Board held its important meeting today to approve new Editorial policy and Transition.

Shahid Peer has joined Kupwara Times in 2017 and from that period he has been on many posts. During this time, Shahid has been sub-editor of Kupwara Times Spotlight investigating team and came up with many famous investigative reports .

Shahid Peer helped Kupwara Times Kashmir to enhance its Reporting techniques and digital presence.

In 2018, Shahid Peer founded first Digital , Multi- media production which has now reached up to lacks of subscribers and regular audience.

” We are happy to see Shahid Peer as our new Editor, his efforts has helped Kupwara Times to come out of odd times and create a effective journalism image of newspaper. From 2017 , Mr.Shahid has been a driving force in organisation, his journalism skills has helped this organisation to produce a world-class journalism content. Today while recognising his tremendous efforts, we have decided to give him Editor’s Position for ultimate progress, ” said Founder and Editor in chief of Kupwara Times Shujaat Peer.

Shahid Peer is also working with Inside Kashmir Daily News Paper as District Correspondent.


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