By:- Owais Ah Shah
Student at GDC Handwara

Celebration is eventful.We celebrate our every occasion.We see an aura of happiness in every celebration.It is atmospheric and ideal.But celebration  doesn’t only signify these qualities.Celebration is about breaking fresh new grounds,Challenging the unchallenged.It is about embracing the ideas of varieties.It is about cutting the mustard.Its about replacement of ideas.Do we celebrate our life?Yes,we do celebrate the colourful atmosphere.We celebrate blessings of varieties.We celebrate life by pushing ourselves forward.We cherish every moment that we spend with our loved ones.We relish technological blessings of 4G world.Celebration is such that altercations are accepted with grace.It doesn’t stop us from celebrating enthusiasm.We keep on talking, motivating each other.We rephrase questions to acclimitize on new challenges.We celebrate festivals and they do help us realising the values of life.Festivals are about sharing love and helping each other.So,these festivals carry a sense of attachment and understanding.We celebrate important days like “Woman’s day” on 13th of March every year.This day is not only about stringing up banners on walls,Trotting out phrases.But this day carries more importance.Its about celebrating the power of women folk to cut through every atrocity that they are subjected to.On every 5th of September we celebrate “Teachers day”,this day should not be reduced to only gifts and quotations.This day should be about attachment to add more polish into give and take process.In a nutshell,celebration is colourful and let us celebrate life in its true sense.

( Owais Ahmad Shah is regular columnist of Kupwara Times . )


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