“Worthless Rs 15 lakhs”

Kupwara fountain for VVIPS visit, beautification mere a drama

“Technical fault”: stats municipal committee official

Shahid Peer

Kupwara: What can be termed as irony for the Kupwara town, when the lone fountain in center of the town only works if a VVIP visits the town. Although, the officials had stated that it will add beautification to the town, which seems mere a drama.

Interestingly, when more than 15 lakhs of rupees have been spent on this fountain but, say it authorities insincerity or corruption within the concerned department that this fountain has no inbuilt water supply nor does have any inbuilt outlet.

“When any VVIP visits the town, we actually put water into it and make it functional”, said a municipal committee official wishing anonymity.

It only helps dogs in the town to get accommodation at the fountain and sleep day over and night. “Authorities should seriously look into the matter because this fountain adds charm to the town”, Shayista Muzaffar a local resident.

Official Statement

The executive officer Municipal Committee Kupwara said that there is definitely some technical fault.

“See there are some technical faults. Although we tried several times to make it functional by setting up the basic requirements, but then after sometime it was again damaged”.


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