Soon NC, PDP and Sajad Lone will realize that they are befooling none but themselve

Er Rasheed.

The high voltage drama in J&K ended with Governor Mr. Satpal Malik dissolving the Assembly; storm in the cup of tea. Even a circus show or a movie takes few hours to complete but the J&K Assembly was dismissed by the stroke of the pen just within few minutes the real drama started, bypassing all legalities and moralities. If Mehbooba Mufti’s claim that Fax machine didn’t respond to her correspondence with the Governor house then one can imagine the gravity of New Delhi’s colonial mindset towards Jammu & Kashmir. For a while Kashmiris were made to believe that so called grand alliance is being launched to defend the special status of the state and stop the communal forces from strengthening their foot prints in the state but all this proved a well crafted plan to fulfill the vicious designs of most of the stake holders, thus exposing their false sympathies for the state of J&K. While dissolution of Assembly without following proper procedure exposed the fact that Governor is like a clerk of New Delhi, the reaction of NC, PDP and Congress after governor’s decision was shocking, and unfolded their one point agenda; lust for power. By offering outside support to PDP, NC pretended to be like lone warrior of J&K’s special status, but once Governor dissolved Assembly Dr. Farooq wasted not even a second to welcome the dissolution, thus raising huge question mark on NC’s real designs. PDP by not moving to Supreme Court against the unconstitutional move has given ample proof that the one point agenda of NC and PDP was to keep Sajad Lone out of power. Congress as usual played a dubious role and what Sajad Lone did by staking claim to form government, was nothing but following dictates of his bosses in New Delhi to give some nominal reasoning to justify the dissolution of Assembly. If NC, PDP and Congress still mean what they said at the time of forming grand alliance then who stops them from knocking the door of Supreme Court or contesting elections together and giving a befitting reply to those whom they call communal forces. But they will never do that as their one point agenda is to reach the corridors of power by dislodging their rivals irrespective of any nominal common agenda. New Delhi by not tolerating even elected public representatives who have unfortunately been seen always representing New Delhi in Kashmir, has proved its might and send a strong message that it cannot compromise on allowing the institutions to function independently beyond a certain limit and it is established that there is a controlled democracy in J&K. Governor’s decision has yet again strengthened those voices who don’t see any resolution to J&K dispute through democratic means and believe the entire election process just a cover up to state terrorism and a tool to strengthen and justify the status-quo on the political dispute of Jammu & Kashmir. BJP accusing grand alliance of being a brain child of ISI has shaken the faith of masses in the democratic institutions and it would be much tougher for mainstream parties to justify their political ideologies and agenda in the upcoming Assembly polls as they have achieved nothing since 1996 except adding to the miseries of masses, helping New Delhi to turn more arrogant and creating confusions over the political dispute. The emerging scenario will discourage all saner and sensible voices from joining politics. The slogans of autonomy and self rule would certainly become a laughing stock in the upcoming elections as those who had not guts and the skills to stop New Delhi from not allowing 56 MLAs to join hands cannot befool masses further. Let Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti introspect and have some pity on Kashmiris who are being humiliated and pushed to wall on every front. The purpose of contesting elections and mainstream politics is getting defeated with every single day. Soon NC, PDP and Sajad Lone will realize that they are befooling none but themselves as they will have to beg before masses empty handed just to add to the list of already made tall false promises. Kashmiris are at cross roads, let them decided how to shape their destiny and turn disappointments of today in a bright hope for tomorrow.


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